Practical Information

Membership For becoming a member, the necessary conditions are giving the membership fees, and adherance to the ideas and activities of the Centre. For inscription, please download and complete membership form (Microsoft Word format).
The members receive the programmes and invitations to participate in activities and festivities, the reports on the Centre’s activities and the texts of the lectures given. The Centre advises them, if they so desire, to participate in the projects of visits to other Vedanta Centres in the world.
The Centre Vedantique, Geneva, inspires its members and all who are close to it irrespective of their gender, social status, race or culture to lead a spiritual life based on the knowledge of Vedanta and as practised in India over a few thousands of years through harmonious blending of work, workship, psychic control, philosophy etc., through various initiatives. To this end, its goals have been set as :

  • To make Vedanta known and to encourage the art of living a spiritual life through Vedanta and traditional yogas (work, workship, psychic control, philosophy, etc.,.), as practised in India for ages
  • To encourage the study of comparitive religion in its widest sense, and also the lives and teachings of saints which underline the universal aspect of their thoughts
  • To propagate religion as expounded by Ramakrishna and his disciples, which includes the acceptance and practice of different paths, shorn of their respective dogmas
  • To spread and consolidate the harmony between the Indian and European communities through cultural and spiritual contacts
  • To encourage and help groups in Europe who are close to these ideals


  • Once in a month, we hold a session of discussions called “Reunion : Sanâtana Dharma” on themes concerning Hinduism.
  • Once or twice in a month, commentary on Vedantic texts or talks on similar themes in various religious traditions, are given.
  • Every fortnight, on Sunday afternoons/ evenings, we do chanting of hymns or singing of devotional songs.
  • The anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, and that, according to the Hindu calendar, of Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Krishna are held. The public celebration for the anniversaries of Sri Ramakrishna, Guru Nanak, Tyagaraja, Sri Sarada Devi and Jesus are held-the last two are integrated into one celebration. Durga Puja is observed on two days in autumn.
  • We host the spiritual gatherings of the members of Jain religion in Swizerland.
  • We participate in numerous inter-religious activities in Switzerland and elsewhere. Sometimes, discussions are held, within the framework of inter-religious activity in the premises of the Centre, on such subjects as Development, Hatha-yoga, Parallel Medicines, etc.
  • The Swami gives advice in spiritual matters to those people who want it. He gives counselling and renders psychological help to depressed persons -depression due to family problems, or stress etc.
  • We engage ourselves, according to our capacity, for supporting relief operations in cases of disaster, these operations being realised in the Indian sub-continent by our central ashrama in India.
  • We organise the reunions of the two communities-European and Indian-in the pretext of cultural programmes like dance, film, music, prayer, theatrical pieces, and formal talks.
  • We edit and sell books related to Vedanta and traditional Yoga, in English and French, as well as cassettes of devotional or Vedantic music.
  • Occasionally, we organise sessions of Hatha-yoga.
  • We maintain a public library which contains books on various religions and philosophies.